John Ammond gave up 90 seconds of his time last week (*) to talk to Thunderflash. We hope you enjoy his pearls of wisdom

TF: John, whats your REAL name?

JH :Thats John "without an H" Ammond (sic)

TF : and where, of all the many places that employ you, is your favourite venue?


TF : Is it true the only things you ever say come off your script ...that you never adlib?

JH :Dont forget, we dont booooo the opposition at the Nynex arena, we just cheer louder for the MAN CHESSSTERRRR STOOOOORRRM

TF : Yes we know that, but we must press you on this one, do you only say whats on the paper infront of you ... or hear on your walkie talkie headset

JH : Jon "without an H" ammond .... Don't forget that a wide range of Storm Merchandise is available now on the concourse

TF : Okay, put it this way, who is your favourite player


TF : You did it! you answered a question on your own you see you ....

JH : .... two plus two for roughing ... and a two minute high stick penalty

TF : Maybe not ... you must get along well with Brad ... he sits next to you for most games ....

JH :Time now for our favourite tune at the Storrrrrrm Shelter....

TF : Now thats NOT fair ..... you know we WONT sing the song or do the Cub Scout wave

JH :.... the Hockey song ..... Thank you .... Tonights attendence 8639 ..... The next game at the Storm Shelter ....

TF : Oh good grief ... thanks Jon ... Byeee

JH : Has he gone? Good. Do you like my new Orange Jacket ???


(*) = About twenty five quids worth by all accounts!