Whose groin is it anyway????BAM ... UMFF ... SOCK ... BLATT ... SLAM ... SNAP ... !!!
The sounds of the ice pad ... resulting in great hockey for us ... and sore bits for the players. This page sees THUNDERFLASH go technical ... and explain a bit about hockey injuries. It makes us wince just writing it ....

Did you know that for every 1000 player hours ... 60 injuries occur? 80 percent of these are trauma related ... that is, they occur because of contact with other players, their equipment, the ice or the boards. The head and face are the most common site for an injury ... and the knee is the most vulnerable joint.


Strain to the adductor muscles and tendons is the most common over-use injury because of the biomechanics of the sport. "The reason is the high velocity, the action of their legs and the fact that they skate with their feet at right angles " says a top physiotherapist. " It often affects players with a muscle balance - particularly if their abdominals are not strong enough."

The injury usually involves the abductor longus muscle ... there is a boggy swelling and extensive bruising at the site of the lesion and the skater will feel continued sensitivity in that area. at the early stages it may respond to rest, nonsteriodals and physiotherapy. The dangers are reduced by warming up and extensive stretching before competing.

So now you know !!!!!

Information taken from THE GUARDIAN