... and DONT FORGET ... keep your eye on the puck at ALL times !!!!
So says the man in the Yellow Jacket Jon Ammond (without the H). But quite surprisingly every couple of weeks someone takes their eye off the puck and BLAM ... the puck homes in on their nose. So what happens when this occurs??? Here is the Thunderflash guide to facial restructuring

1: Frenchie slapshots the puck. It glances off the crossbar, over the plexi and straight into the crowd.

2: Johnny looks up as he hears the crowd roar. The puck smashes into his face. He screams in pain ... the crowd go "Oooooooooooooooh" ... Johnny covers his face with his hands.

3: Jon Ammond quickly announces that you really realy should keep your eye on the puck at all times. Its all right for him stood right behind the plexi!!

4: Security amble down the steps to see what all the fuss is about. Security guard number one radios for back up as the crowd are in a group shouting. Security guard two ambles down and realises that instead of throwing Johnny out for spilling his strawberry slush puppy over the floor he should hail the St John Ambulance.

5: The St John team spring to life ... this is the moment they have been waiting for. They rush along the concourse with their leg splints and stretcher. Johnny is escorted to the concourse by security.

6: Johnny's face is bandaged up.

7: Cleaning department are called in. They mop up Johnnys blood. (Clinical but true!)
8: Johnny is escorted to the Ogden suite where he is offered free food, free drink, a signed team shirt and a visit to the locker room.

9: Word gets around and people start fighting over Johnny's seat in the hope that they too can get a free team shirt.

10: A freak puck spins out of control into the penalty box. It hits the rear plexi and smacks Jon Ammond on the back of the head.

11: 10 000 people laugh very loudly. The Red on JH's face is not blood but a huge blush!