Whilst the players and staff are experienced professionals ... those of us in the stands cant help but question some of the tactics on offer by our Superleague teams. Here then is the Thunderflash guide to Dodgy Tactics employed by all eight of the ISL teams

Dump n Thump: ... Much favoured by Sheffield when well on the way to a thrashing!. What you do is get your best goons to thump the living daylights out of the opposition .. so forcing an additional fifteen minute break in the game. Wth luck you will then have got it together and can score a goal. On the other hand ...

Three goal lead: ... You come charging on to the ice and take control of the game. You go at least three goals up .... then save energy by letting the opposing team get back in the game. Works well against teams from Scotland!

Powerplay:Dump and chase ... You win posession in your own defensive zone and move the puck up into the neutral zone. Its a 5 on 4 so you dump the puck into the offensive zone. WHY? Surely you have tactical advantage and a spare player advantage?

Powerplay:Dump and dont chase! ... You win posession in your own defensive zone and move the puck up into the neutral zone. Then you dump the puck into the offensive zone ... and SKATE OFF FOR A LINE CHANGE!! Shurrrely shum misstake!

Backpass to an opposing forward ... You are in posession of the puck and you pass the puck back towards your own net - straight into the path of an opposing forward. One can only presume you have great faith in the netminder and that he's ben complaining he's had nothing to do all game

Netminder skates to the boards ... Much favoured by Trevor Robins of the Panthers who often goes walkabout. Thunderflash acknowledges he's a fantastic netminder ... but he still gives us kittens when he does this

One on one breakaway ... Your star forward charges down the ice with the puck and is closing in on the goal ... then he swings left and drops the puck back to a second forward whos approaching acompanied by two HUGE D-men. The puck is lost.

Shooting from the red line ... Lets face it, you could score against Telford with this ... but not against an ISL netminder

Passing to Hilton Ruggles ... !