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January 12th 2002











AWARD 2002


Thunderflash is proud to announce that the ISL have been given our "Total Bollocks" award for 2002 .... and its only January 12th.

Our award is given for the ISL's shameless promotion of the forthcoming Play Off Finals weekend in Nottingham. On their website the ISL proudly proclaim:-

"With the very highest standard of ice hockey on show, the Play-off Finals generate an atmostphere that, if you could bag it and sell it, would make you a millionaire, guaranteeing fans a weekend to remember! "

Its just a shame that the ISL appears to be able to generate no REAL money at all (No B&H money, No TV money, No profit at all star game, etc etc)

Or maybe they believe their own PR and, in order to balance the books, Ian Taylor will be selling bottles of "atmosphere" at the Nottingham Arena for £10.00 a go!