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February 26th 2002











The MEN Arena presents

"Bog the Bodger and the Manchester Storm"

Yes folks, Bog the Bodger, the only British builder who doesn't show his buttock cleavage, is coming to the MEN Arena.

Thunderflash's art critic caught up with the show in the Church Hall, Skelmersdale, and filed this review

An evening of fun for all the family! Bog opens the show with his theme song "We can do it, Guv, but it'll cost a packet", setting the tone for a night of laughter, songs, great special effects and very high-pressure merchandising

The plot is a simple one, as Bog, armed with no more than a spirit level and some very mouthy heavy plant and equipment, tries to renovate a crumbling and dilapidated edifice called The Manchester Storm. After looking at the foundations and deciding that more support is needed, Bob sets about his task with a will.

Bob's songs reflect the fun and frolics of a builders life, with such soon-to-be-classics as "It's the materials, you know, and then there's the labour" and "Ten grand for cash and I can't start 'til August." He even shows his softer side from the top of a scaffolding tower with the beautiful love aria "Get 'em off darling and I'll show you what a real man can do."

The Manchester Storm's songs are mainly re-workings of old pop hits. David Bowie's "Golden Years" becomes "Goalless Years" and the Storm's owner announces his intention to find a new venue with a spirited reworking of the old Village People hit, "Why MEN?" A touch of Gilbert and Sullivan creeps in with "A Defenceman's Lot is not a Happy One (Happy One)", but the upbeat tone is restored with a straightforward version of Yaz's "The Only Way is Up."

This reviewer has no hesitation in recommending Bog the Bodger's exploits as a great night out.