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6th March 2002











The MEN Arena has received the following statement from Loadsamoney Productions, the company responsible for Bog the Bodger's sell-out tour of the UK -

"Loadsamoney Productions regrets to announce that the forthcoming presentation, 'Bog the Bodger and the Manchester Storm', has been cancelled due to health problems with the show's star performer".

Posing as a stress counsellor, Thunderflash's art critic managed to gain an interview with the aforementioned star, Bog the Bodger. His explanation for the cancellation was simple -

"I just can't cope. Trying to rebuild that sagging old ruin, the Manchester Storm, is more than anyone should be expected to cope with. Night after night it's the same old thing, a bit of stiffening here, a bit of extra support there, more filling everywhere. It's more than a person can cope with, being so resilient night after night. Do they think I'm made of rubber?"

When it was pointed out that Bog is, in fact, made of rubber, foam, and flexible plastic composite, this interviewer was escorted from the premises. It seems that not even a simple piece of animation can cope with the stresses of The Manchester Storm. Bog is now rumoured to be resting at an exclusive clinic in Chorlton cum Hardy which has provided a much-needed respite for many animated characters such as Dangermouse, Alias the Jester and Count Duckula.

But there is good news for Bog's fans. Loadsamoney Productions continued their announcement with the following statement

"We do not intend to disappoint all true Bog fans. For this reason, all tickets for the cancelled show can be exchanged for passes allowing free entry to the 'Bogworld'™ theme park near Dover, Kent. We hope to see all ticket holders there in the near future. Please note, concessionary tickets only apply from Tuesday to Thursday during school terms. No food, drink or photographic equipment allowed in the complex."

No statement from the Manchester Storm was available.

Our original review of this great show is still online