Collectables from Storm's past

If Huge Scully ever turned up in Manchester, his team would soon find Storm fans coming out of the locker room clutching their prized possessions. You'd be amazed what people keep..... and we've already emptied our drawers!

You might have thought you were at the Storm's first game .. but no! Only a handful of marketing types and Trafford Metro supporters (spot the difference ???) were actually in Milton Keynes to see the real thing. Take a look at the (rather excellent) website to read all about it.
Tiket courtesy of FIRE ON ICE

Match night programmes are collected by some fans, but how many kept the very first one from September 1995. Telford Tigers were the opposition and the front cover showed off the home and away strips. Mind you the fans that had bought replica shirts at the arena open day had shirts with NO sponsor logo on. Fans who bought the same shirts at the first game had a logo stuck on .. whilst those buying later in the season had shirts with the logo printed. A season one shirt showed up at an Oxfam shop earlier this year!!!!
Manchester Storm

Tickets might be a bit boring but 1995-96 season tickets were especially printed .. with one voucher per game. 96-97 games had a similar system.

Manchester Storm Monopoly CardStorm's marketing department were offered a bargain when the North West monopoly game was launched .... so they bought a place on the board! in the most recent edition of the classic game the Storm Shelter has been removed!

Signed photos, sticks, underwear of players past and present are always collectable ...... especially those rare photos of (boo!) Rick Brebant in his blonde phase (a bit of a mid hockey life crisis....)
Rick Brebant

And lets not forget the Storm watch .. produced by those nice people at Sekonda. okay, lets forget about whatever it was we just wrote about.

email us with your collectables - photo scans appreciated