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She looks nice .......COREY SPRING'S
Guide to Manchester

A whole new team of players are set to descend on Manchester at the end of August, so we asked Storm "old boy" Corey Spring to tell the guys what to expect

Manchester is a great place to be ... there's so much to do and so many girls to meet. The bars and pubs are fantastic ... Its not true that I visited all of them but, heh, I did my best.

The biggest thing that gets in the way of seeing Manchester is training which is held in a little town up north called Blackburn. Travelling there is a bit of a drag but if you can find somebody who doesn't mind you staying over at their place the night before you'll find it alot easier.

Playing games is also a bit of a drag ... they expect you to play hockey three or four times a week. The best thing to do is skate around the ice looking gorgeous and to save your energy for later on.

Anyway, I had a great time and I hope you do too ... just remember my catch phrase "Lets take it easy out there!!!"


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