A K Barrs coach Terenski KristiankoffDELAY OF GAME
Face off fiasco

Another Thunderflash exclusive!

Another game, another delayed face off .... but this time the reason was somewhat unusual. Our intrepid reporter, Kris Firefly, hacked his way through the theories and came up with THE TRUTH!

Storm fans thought it was incompetent box office staff (which is an outrageous slur by the way - you try selling more than one ticket every ten minutes .. its not easy you know).

Others thought that the ice was having trouble staying cool what with the bank holiday heatwave .... whilst conspiracy theorists thought it was just the old owners (who still operate the Arena) being as helpful as they could to the bloke they sold the club to!

But no, the real reason for the delay was that with an hour to go every single A K Barrs player went AWOL!!! Not one player could be found despite the best efforts of the team management.

A K Barrs coach Terenski Kristiankoff (speaking through an interpreter) told us "One minute they were there .. the next GONE. I think 'Where can they be' and search through the corridors of the nuclear missile shelter you play hockey in. "

Q for potatos"Then I hear that they have gone upstairs because of rumour of fresh oranges and Irn Bru flavoured Vodka available near the train station. The rumour seemed true for only such delights (except perhaps for potatos) would cause such a queue in Russia."

"My players were at the front of the queue and were very sad .. all they could buy were tickets to see a downpour of rain or to look at some Steps .... and they had no time to join the queue for McDonalds"

So what did TK make of the game "I always say that any team with six more players than the other one, that has been training for three months longer, is in with a chance of winning."