A history!

Thunderflash first hit the internet in the new year of 1996, when the web was in its infancy, and Compuserve gave you a MAP of the web when you signed up!

Somehow we never got around to printing a copy of the ol' rag for quite a while ... but that didn't stop someone else getting in on the act.

Thunder and Lightning ran to three (count them) printed editions. They also managed to get one edition up on the web which is still there many moons later.

"The Shower Cap" was also published and lasted just one edition.

Spurred on by this the Thunderflash team found a ridiculously cheap printer in Wales and set out to do our own "well hard" (hard copy?? ) Thunderflash. On a print run of 500 we only had to sell 150 to break even .... after that we'd be rolling in it. In the end we sold about 155!

Thus endeth the glorious history of Storm fanzines ... except of course that Thunderflash is back on the web.

We can't be bothered printing any of it up .... but if you want to the first step is to email us at -