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15th February 2002












Thunderflash's own Awards Ceremony

The stars of the ISL will soon have their own award ceremony to match the Oscars. Thunderflash is launching its own awards- the Flashers. We cannot yet reveal the contenders, but the categories are open to players, referees and coaching staff alike.

Please email us with your nominations for these prestigious awards

The categories are as follows -

1. Most determined forward
2. Most reliable defence man
3. Most exciting player
4. Most reliable netminder
5. Most sportsmanlike player
6. Hardest-working player
7. Most inspiring manager
8. Fairest referee
9. Best announcer
10. Most ridiculous post-goal celebration
11. Player who's too pretty for a contact sport
12. Most obvious dive
13. Best complaining by a penalised player
14. Player who fights most like a girl
15. Most psychopathic player
16. Player least likely to work up a sweat
17. Netminder who appears to be wearing his mask backwards
18. Stupidest thing said by a manager in post-match comments
19. Most pointless penalty call by a referee
20. Most unnecessarily harsh penalty awarded by a referee
21. Most unjustifiably lenient penalty awarded by a referee
22. Most blatant foul ignored by a referee
23. Most irritating announcer
24. Best dancing by a team mascot
25. Player with the loudest wife