1) He can only communicate with other players / the Coach in "Schoolboy English". He is well known at the Storm Shelter for his "Good moaning" greeting

2) He spends the summer months touring Europe on an old bicycle selling onions door to door

3) He is the only player supplied with a 2CV as his sponsored car

4) He often goads the opposition by shouting insults across the ice in french ("Je suis farting dans votre direction des generale")

5) He has heard all the frogs legs jokes (which is a shame because we were going to use them all here ...)

6) His gallic after shave is, well, put it this way, no one asks to borrow it.

7) His ambition is to be remembered in French hockey circles longer than P Y Gerbeau was .....

8) His wine cellar amounts to just three bottle of Tesco budget red

9) He is proud of his French passport that allows him to play for the French National squad in the Olympics


10) He will be worried when he discovers it also entitles him to be called up into French National service .... indeed he could end up not in Salt Lake City but in the salt sand and Desert with the Foreign Legion


Players to go bendy ...