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December 2001



0830 Sport Bulletin

(1) Football
i Manchester United (played sat)
ii Manchester City
iii Bolton Wanderers
iv Oldham Athletic
v Rochdale United
vi Bury
vii Macclesfield
viii Wigan
ix Stalybridge Celtic
x Stockport County
xi Any other football team that might have played .. inc result of Spurs vs Arsenal game two days ago

(2)Rugby League
i Salford
ii Wigan
iii St Helens
iv Warrington
v Lower Snograss

(3) Rugby Union

(4) Cricket
From anywhere in world

(5) Cycling
(tenuously link to Velodrome)

(6) Athletics
(link to Commonwealth Games at all cost - Thunderflash Ed)

(7) Tennis
(Tim Henman knocked out in 2nd round of the Tasmanian Invitational Tournament - Thunderflash Ed!)

(8) Snooker
(Any old obscure tournament featuring same 10 players- TF Ed)

(9) Curling

(10) Racing results from yesterday

(11) Swimming

(12) Basketball

(13) Ice Hockey
(result plus goal scorer if poss)



Thunderflash has suspected it for some time but a leak from the offices of BBC GMR proves that the station no longer ranks hockey as high as it used to. A draft script for a morning bulletin reveals exactly how important hockey is to the sporting folk at GMR!

As you sit there before you go out in the morning, the sport news fella (who sounds like he's broadcasting from a different planet at times) reads out endless football news from days gone by before moving onto Rugby and anything else that catches his eye. Then he'll always say "Finally Ice Hockey" before reading out the result and pronouncing the names of the players wrong. Not that he has any trouble with the foreign legions in football.

GMRs worst sin used to be when they did live commentary .... they'd take the game until 22.00 .... then end the show with five minutes left on the hockey clock!!!!!!

Sadly they now seem to have abandoned hockey commentary altogether .... which is a shame cos Andy Costigan was fab - even if the presenters knew F*&$ all about hockey!