Tiger Woods you know!Take a round on the Thunderflash

We all know how popular golf is in hockey circles ... so we've created a course that players, coaches, owners and fans alike will love. Players may attempt the holes in any order, but be warned - it's not as simple as it might look.

1) The Owner and the Coach
A long hole, with many confusing twists and turns. The two sides of this hole are very different. Warning - when playing this hole you might end it with a different partner from the one you had at the start.

2) The Nucleus of the Team
Golfers should begin this hole with a fair idea of how to complete it. Unlike other holes on the course, this one is won by the person with the highest score.

3) Building the Squad
Should be attempted as quickly as possible. This hole is notorious for false starts and sending the golfers back to the beginning many times. Do not listen to rumours about other golfers' performance on this hole - wait until you see their scorecard.

4) Signing The NHL Player
A seemingly straightforward hole, with many ways to complete it. Warning - although this hole may be completed with ease, success here is not necessarily an indication of good future performance.

5) The Fan's Favourite Leaves
due to the nature of this hole it is impossible to consider any result a good score, and serious emotional trauma may result. Some golfers have been known to claim that they will never be the same again after completing this hole.

6) The Fan's Favourite Re-signs
In contrast to hole 5, any result on this hole is considered a good score. However, golfers should be warned that, like hole 4, success is not necessarily an indication of good future performance.

7) The Referee
This hole faces many challenges for those striving to achieve consistently good performance, as it has been specially designed to introduce random elements into the game. Warning - it may be biased, favouring play to one side or the other.

8) The ISL
a confused, badly designed and disappointing hole. Many golfers are of the opinion that it should be removed altogether and replaced by something better.

9) Buying The Season Ticket
some golfers like to leave this until the last minute, others will attempt it as soon as possible. It is difficult to find any information on how to succeed here.

And for those having difficulty with the expert course we have -

The BNL -
This may seem a very attractive course to struggling golfers, as the challenges and requirements are lower. Warning - there might be a long queue round the first tee and golfers may not be allowed to start it anyway, as existing players may veto their applications.