"Your mission, Dave, should you choose to accept it, is to generate no income whatsoever from Manchester Storm merchandising. This tape will self destruct in 10 seconds"


In an amazing revelation, new Storm owner Gary Cowan told fans that the original owners of the Storm had made NO money from merchandising. This is, of course IMPOSSIBLE but it got Thunderflash thinking .......

Those merchandising deals in full ...

Replica shirts
FIFTY QUID with NO profit!

EHL replica shirts
SEVENTY ODD QUID with NO profit!

Under priced obviously as they made NO profit!

Pocket money (ha!)
Goodies for over a quid with NO profit


So how did they do that??????

Maybe the cost price of an item was £10
Add profit for contracted retailer at 30% = £13
Take away 25% commission to MEN Arena = £9.75
Final loss to Storm = £0.25p per £10 retail price!!!



Not so impossible after all then!!!!!


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