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15th February2002














Thunderflash would like to apologise to the good folk at the ISL.............

In the past we have insinuated that they are crap at their jobs because they have lost franchise owners, lost sponsors, lost fans, lost competitions and lost TV coverage.

Well, it now seems that they have persuaded the BBC to screen the Challenge Cup final on Grandstand ... and for some of it to go out on the new hi tech digi wotsit channel.

What can we say? We are stunned by the fact that the BBC (what with all the other sports rights they have for Sunday afternoon Grandstand) (eh?) have been conned .. sorry persuaded ... into carrying the non event of the Challenge Cup Final.

We now look forward to the ISL getting the BBC to screen league matches, attracting two major sponsors and signing up three new owners before September.

We also look forward to Bobby "I love the Steelers" Ballard explaining on Grandstand how it was that Belfast made it to the final."Well Steve .. they played the normal League games but these counted towards the cup competition. Then they played a couple more games against teams they'd already played and here they are. Actually they weren't going to be HERE in Belfast .. but the ISL changed the venue to make loads of money, to give Belfast home advantage .. and create a media event some poor tv exec might buy if he knew nowt about hockey" .. "Thanks Bob..."