The Superleague is in crisis ..... just weeks after Thunderflash returned to the web. As soon as we came up with one silly scenario, the ISL came up with two more!

Here's the very latest (REAL, HONEST, YES!!!!!) news from Leicestershire ...

(1) The Superleague have awarded the Sheffield Franchise to Mr Norton Lea. Mr Lea has superb credentials running football clubs but no experience of running an ice hockey club. Mr Lea missed one very important detail off his application that the ICE Hockey Superleague failed to pick up on

(2) The management team of last year's Sheffield team (still clinging to the Steelers name which may or may not belong to them .. but certainly doesn't belong to the ISL) have lost out in the contest to be awarded the ISL franchise for Sheffield. Dave Simms knows very little about running football teams ... but knows you need an ice pad to play ice hockey on!!

(3) The Sheffield Arena have awarded all ice time available to Dave Simms and "ye olde Steelers".

(4) Mr Lea has no venue in South Yorkshire in which he can ice his team. (actually, he has no players either but heh you know ....)

(5) "Ye Olde Steelers" seem set to ice in the BNL

(6) Meanwhile NO ice is available for an ISL team in South Wales either.

(7) A team playing out of Cardiff looks set to play in the BNL and not the ISL. Or maybe, actually, either League (an ice rink with no team .. brilliant)

(8) Sheffield fans took to the streets supporting the owner of "ye olde Steelers" and have backed the desire to play in the BNL

(9) Cardiff fans took to the streets protesting against the owner of "Ye olde Devils" and demanding that ISL hockey be played in Cardiff

(10) The ISL (based on exclusive franchise areas ...) suggests that the Sheffield Franchise might operate out of the Nottingham Arena and Manchester Arena !!!!

(11) Storm's new owner Gary Cowan says he's looking forward to the new season

(12) With just over ONE months to go the ISL has only 7 teams whilst the BNL has twelve or even thirteen. Everyone knows this is unsustainable except those with their heads in the sand in Leicestershire

(13) Thunderflash considers closure as, frankly, the ISL are doing a better job at pure farce


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