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November 2001




Hockey players say they "can't get that whiff outta their nose"

Manchester Storm have demanded that the MEN Arena management fumigate their locker room after it was used by antipodean superstar Kylie Minogue.

"You wont believe how smelly it was" said Manchester Storm forward Jason Donovan "there was an intolerable mixture of cheap perfume, old alcohol and, well it has to be said, very smelly knickers"

"We could not believe what a nasal onslaught we received when we re-entered the locker room. We always keep it smelling perfectly sweet and to walk in and find such a horrible smell put us right off our game"

Storm veteran Mike Morin (one of the few players old enough to remember Kylie in Neighbours) said he was shocked to find a pair of undies in his locker!!!"I knew straight away they were not mine as I don't have a pair of gold knickers" he told Thunderflash. "They smelt terrible" he added. When we asked him how he knew this he replied "ah .. well...umm ..... you see" before coughing loudly and leaving quickly.

Kylie's undies will be raffled during the first period break at the next Storm game. They have been dry cleaned!