(Part one)

Its a sad fact but players leave the Storm. Sometimes at the end of the season, sometimes the middle, sometimes the beginning and some never actually get here!

Here's the Thunderflash guide to why the players head for the airport

They cannot settle in the UK (see also item 7, 8, 9 & 10)

Their girlfriend cannot settle in the UK

Their girlfriend in North America can't settle because their man is getting very settled thank you very much (!)

An old injury flares up, honest guv

They crash the sponsor's car

They are offered more money

They don't see eye to eye with the coach's tactics / training policy

They slag the coach off in the locker room

Quite frankly they are rubbish and their stats painted a "positive picture" of their limited talents ... and we would have known this had anyone bothered to ask someone other than the agent

They got involved with a fight involving the Salford gangs who later that week smashed up the car, burned down the flat, kidnapped the wife and children, joy rided the Zamboni and all in all made life very difficult for everyone.
(well thats the rumour we heard ..... )