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April 1st 2002











Saint or Sinner?


Lets be blunt. We made the play off final and we were just two minutes from lifting the trophy. BUT the regular season was a very very difficult one for everyone.

So, when we look at the man in charge, do we we see St Daryl of Lipsey ... or Demonic Daryl?

Do we see a man who hired a lousy squad ... or a man that made the best job possible out of limited choice of options?

Do we see a man we want back next season ... or a man who needs to get the Terry Christensen memorial Sacking Fax?

Well, we say give Lipper a second year in charge. He knows he made mistakes .. and he knows which ones he made. He wont make them again and next year he'll bring Storm some much needed silverware.

So enjoy your summer Lipper, enjoy the golf, enjoy the family ... and enjoy making the signings that will bring us all the success we crave.

2002-03 will be the Season of the Storm!!!!!