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December 2001





Manchester Storm's Trevor Gallant has revealed that he is not, as many people thought, a human!

Trevor, in another exclusive Thunderflash article, revealed that he is not from Canada at all ... but is in fact from Hobbiton in Middle Earth.

"None of the other players realised that I'm a Hobbit" he told us "as there are only a few differences between my people and humans"

"The biggest difference is that Hobbits have incredibly hairy feet (*).... but I always keep my socks on in the locker room. The other difference is our size .. Hobbits are very little but so far I have got away with it .... I think my magic ring helps"

(* - actually Pierre Allard has hairy feet ... but that's because he is French!!)

Hobbit - small creature
with hairy feet

Trevor - small creature
with hairy feet