The BIG buy

Now you thought buying a season ticket and a replica shirt cost alot of money ... you should try buying a hockey team! Thats what the new Storm owners did over the summer when they went to the MEN arena to meet "Honest John" from the international conglomerate that owned the team last season..

Due to advance bugging technology, and an associate who, frankly, can't take her drink, we are able to bring you the conversation that closed the deal of the summer .......

HJ: Wotcha Gazzer, what can I do for you? Hows the family by the way
GC: Alright, noworramean? Whats 'appening then?

HJ:Well, Baz, have I got the deal for you. What a man of your background needs is status and what could be better than owwwwwwning a team. "There's the owner" you'll hear people say as you walk along the street. Just look what it did for Martin Edwards at United!
GC: So you can sell me United then?

HJ:err, no ..... but almost
GC: City? ... County? .... Wanderers? ... Athletic?

HJ: Storm

GC:So what do I get if I buy the Storm .......

HJ: A great name ......
BGC: Any players
HJ: Err, none that you own. and, err, none under contract

GC: but I get to own that nice big Arena?
HJ: err, no
GC: but I get to keep the money from all the burger bars n stuff
HJ: err, no
GC: But I can sell anything I like when the team are playing and keep all the money?
HJ: err, well, um 75% of it.

GC: What else do I get?
HJ: You get to pay me loads of money in rent for the next five years AND I've even got you a team coach for the next two......

HJ: So what do you reckon?
GC:How much?
HJ: Half a million?

HJ :-))))))))

Thunderflash wishes Gary Cowan and all his team the best of fortune in the season ahead. We wwould help but, sady, we didn't win the lottery rollover last week...


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