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19th March 2002












Mike Morin has been named as Manchester Storm's Ice Caddy. His new role was piloted in Nottingham at the weekend when Storm scored four times (although still didn't win!). Mike will use his golfing experience to advise other forwards as to which direction to "SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!" (*).

Storm's Head Coach Daryl Hannah told Thunderflash it was great that Mike had a new on ice role that would keep him in Manchester until pension age.

Mike has been preparing for his new role for nearly a year - his training starting when he worked at the open Golf Championship in Lytham last year. Since then he's had one on one tuition by Storm announcer John Ammond who has drilled home to Mike the key to his new duties ... "Keep your eye on the pck at all times!"

(*)= Mike will follow the advice of that bloke in block 104 who shouts this on every possible occasion