British All Naked Action League

Manchester Storm's Pierre Allard gets naked

The Bracknell Bees get NAKED too -
this time in the News Of The World

T Shirt coming soon .. here's
one from North America!

Shrinking crowds & declining media interest have forced the Ice Hockey Superleague into making a series of changes for the forthcoming 2002-2003 season.

The most noticeable change is the fact that all the players will skate naked around the ice and already teams are showing off their credentials. The ISL says the League will adjust its name to the British All Naked Action League to reflect these changes.

National newspapers and local radio are already showing their delight at the move and the sport is once more in the headlines.

ISL Chiefs say that Ice Hockey is Britains fastest growing indoor sport and that the new look B.A.N.A.L will have a (soon to be announced) TV deal ... and is certain to attract a top sponsor.

The teams lined up for BANAL are; The Bracknell Bottoms, The Sheffield Starkers, The Newcastle Nobblies (knees!!), The Manchester Muscles, The Peckham Pecks (London) and the Belfast B*&&*^%s.

Its a winner!!!