Yup, bring along 9000 County fans and they get in  for a quid each!

Simply the best
in the ISL


Following the success of the recently launched Family Ticket, Manchester Storm are pleased to offer a new range of admission prices

I hate my family ticket
This ticket enables 3 people to sit next to each other at one end of the ice, whilst the fourth family member sits directly opposite.
Price £26 in non premium seats

Street Ticket
Bring along 30 of your favourite neighbours. John Ammond will come to join you in the break to ensure you all sing an appropriate tune.
Price £270.

Work ticket
Admits 50 people from your place of work and provides free drinks for your boss. Storm cameras will record on video your boss' drunken exploits .. so you can exploit the evidence later.
Price £400 in non premium seats.

School ticket
Admits a group of 300 young students.
Remember to ask for our special 10% John Ammond discount if you are from a school uniform wearing girls school. You'll even get the best seats in block 103.
Price £900 in non premium seat.

Stockport County ticket
Admits a group of 9000 Stockport County fans to the upper tier only.
Price just £9000.

Its the end of season and we need the money ticket

£3.00 any seat to any bugger just so long as we fill the place
(season ticket holders excepted).