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January 20th 2002









A Message From the Owners

Thunderflash is continually striving to keep our readers informed of the real workings of the ice hockey world. Having already brought you the coach's all-purpose match report and an insight into the referee's mind, we can now publish the Thunderflash guide to the owner's message. What do they really mean when they say something to the fans?


Hello to all our fans
- Is there anybody out there?

It has been a challenging time for the club in recent weeks
- The team's been playing like a bunch of pensioners and the results show it

As a true hockey fan I find it very frustrating
- As a businessman I'm sick of watching the money disappear

The team are not achieving their real potential
- If they don't do better they'll be out

But they are aware of the task ahead of them and are determined to achieve it
- I've told them that if they don't do better they'll be out

The coach has my wholehearted support
- Right up until the day that I sack him as well

It has been a challenge to rebuild the club after the events of last season
- I bought a shambles and it's still a shambles

We are now in a phase of consolidation and improvement
- Don't expect us to win very much at the moment

And I am confident of the club's long-term success.
- In fact I've just written this season off altogether

I know that some fans are disappointed with the current situation
- Judging by the letters and emails I've been getting. What language!

But all fans can be assured of my commitment to the club
- I'm here until the money runs out

And at this time we need all true fans to stand by us and show their own commitment
- We need your money

So please continue to support the team, and bring your friends along
- We need their money as well

Recent performance does give me reason to be optimistic
- I'm grasping at straws here

And I feel the club's fortunes are beginning to turn around
- I'm REALLY grasping at straws here

In closing I would just like to thank all the fans for their support in the past, and look forward to this continuing. Together we can make this club great again.
- Thanks for the money, keep it coming