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December 22nd 2001





Manchester Storm have qualified for the 2002 end of season play offs .... and there's still over two months of action left in the League. Storm boss Daryl Lipsey told us "Its great, its what we've been working for all season, its a real credit to the teamwork in the locker room, the spirit of camaraderie amongst the players. Its what they deserve, its what the fans deserve"

Storm qualify for the play offs along with every other team competing in the regular season. The only teams not making it are Cardiff Devils, Newcastle Jesters and the Dublin Dynamoes. Everyone gets to play everybody else home and away again - a Storm PR person told Thunderflash "There's sure to be great excitement ... so get your tickets now to ensure your seat at Storm vs Eagles"

ISL Chief Executive Ian Boring told Thunderflash "This is a new and exciting format which gives everyone a chance to win something. Even if you have been awful in the regular season you can bounce straight into the play off final. Anything can happen in the play offs ... look at what happened to Newcastle - no one expected them to make the final two years ago" (Indeed , look what happened to Newcastle, Ian!!)

"The media are sure to be excited about the "Magnificent Seven" playing each other again .. especially less than four weeks after the Challenge Cup which involved everyone playing everybody else home and away" Mr Boring confirmed

A spokesman for BBC GMR told us "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

A spokesman for Sky TV told us "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

A spokesman for the Guardian told us "Zxxxxxxxxzzzzzz"

"LOOK!" shouted a small boy "The emperor has no clothes on!!!!" but no one at the ISL was listening


The Ice hockey season for beginners:
B&H Cup: no one plays anybody cos the League blew out their best sponsor in years
Superleague: everyone plays everyone else home and away lots of times; most people have lost count
Challenge Cup: everyone plays everybody else as part of the League. Top four teams play each other again in two groups of two. Top two teams play each other again - we think
Play offs: everyone plays everyone else home and away ; Top four teams play each other againin two groups of two. Top two teams play each other again.