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The rise and fall of the
Holy Stormin Empire



Emperor Biggar ruled the Holy Stormin' Empire from 1995 ... and he was a powerful and benevolent man. He scoured the land for the best warriors and brought them to his amphitheatre of ice.

The crowds flocked to see the new sporting spectacular. Gladiators from the four corners of the Kingdom were brought to Mancunium to be slaughtered. General Lawless trained his men with the best tactics... and the people were happy.

But the rival Chieftains learnt ... and in the year of 1996 General Lawless lost his way ... and the Emperor wavered. Should he execute The Small One ... or let him live? Emperor Biggar compromised ... letting Lawless live until the end of the battles (mostly lost ... ) and then he was slain. To the end of his days Biggar regretted the death of the Small One.

General Kleinendorst was brought to Mancunium ... and once more the points and the blood flowed. The crowds filled the Mancunium Amphitheatre and everyone (*) loved Emperor Biggar

Treachery was afoot ... and in 2000 Biggar was overthrown and exiled to a land far away. Emperor Sutherland took control ... but he had no liking for sport. "Rid me of these ice warriors " roared the Emperor..... "Let us now amuse the masses with music, entertainment and Kylie Minogue".

So the music flowed ... and the Athletes withered on the vine. The tall people with the bouncing balls were sent to the eastern world of the Velodrome ..... and the Ice Gladiators were sidelined under the unwatchful eye of General Christensen.

In the year of 2001 Emperor Sutherland decreed that no more denari would be spent on the ice gladiators. He gave the athletes to Senator Cowan and made him pay thousands of Dinari to stage any game.

The warriors, unseen by their Emperor, lost interest ... the Chieftains from far away lands lost interest and many no longer sent their warriors .... those that did easily saw their men overcome Senator Cowan's army.

The last remnants of a once great Stormin' Empire began to fade into history (**)

(*) according to Biggar anyway
(**) or maybe not!