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16th March 2002











A real Annus Horribilis


Long standing Storm fan Elizabeth Mountbatten has spoken about the state of the team in the season just gone.



Although she never pays for a ticket (*) The Queen enjoys many a game, watching from block 103, her Storm head scarf protecting her identity. In the whole history of the franchise she has never talked publicly about the performance of the team but we caught up with her as she waited for her Cheeseburger and Chips.

"One has to say" she told Thunderflash " that this has been an Annus Horribilis (**). My family and I have never had such a troubled year (***)"

So what does she put the problem down to?

"One thinks that the loss of the Americas to the Empire is still resonating. Whilst the Canadians show some deference to the cause of our country (****) the Americans still behave in an unbecoming manner. I have also been advised that they still object to paying taxes and refuse to have a nice cup of tea in the period breaks"

So will she be coming to the Storm Shelter next season or jetting off on a world tour?

"One hasn't decided yet but I expect to come to a few games along with my husband Phillip. He remains keen to meet the players, he so enjoys meeting foreign chappies you know"

(*) = Heh, I mean her and two thousand others....
(**) = We are not talking about Trevor's backside here
(***) = Well not since Charles brought Di home for the first time
(****) = Except the Quebec based ones we suspect !!!!