The Russians are coming to the MEN Arena ..... so whatever you do hide your Vodka! If you have never heard of A K Bars before, here's the Thunderflash guide to the team that will give the new look Storm their early season / post golfing summer wake up.

A K Bars are coached by Terenski Kristiankoff who has recently signed a two year deal with the Russian team (with an option for a third ....)

They became Russian Champions in the 1997/98 season .... and similar to the Storm last season lost just seven times in a forty-six game schedule (eh?)

Founded in 1956 the club started a popular incentive scheme whereby players who lacked effort/commitment were exiled to Siberia. Strangely Corey Spring has never signed for the squad

The A K Bars website is highly informative and entertaining. We were going to create a pretend one .. but the real thing is so good.

A K Bars have nothing whatsoever to do with the makers of IRN BRU .. although the players are keen on IRN BRU n VODKA (WKD)

A K Bars are not in the Superleague .. but if they could just fit in another 36 games before going home it would help everyone out.

A K Bars players are not at all interested in young gorgeous english girls in skimpy summer outfits that might be near the Arena entrance on August Bank Holiday weekend. Oh no.