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14th March 2002












Walking around the concourse the other night, a piece of paper was thrust into a Thunderflash reporter's palm. It revealed that some of the club's only assetts (*) were up for sale next week. Amongst the usual items (jock straps, sweaty gloves etc..) our eye was drawn to the more unusual items on the list .........

An assortment of broken pencils, HB and 2HB included (some marked property of D.L.)

A copy of an A-Z Manchester, resplendent in its original packaging (a Waterstone's bag, complete with receipt) previously owned but hardly ever used by J Hocking. (only route marked is to Ringway.)

A CD of "18 till I die" by Bryan Adams, containing the track "We're gonna win." (no future need anticipated) origin unknown, suspected of being a Canadian purchase

A jar of wax, suitable for styling hair, contents unblemished save for a sole thumbprint

A photo of the Storm defence, from which Kayle Short is inexplicably missing.

A facsimile copy of M Torchia's phonebill (a large proportion of calls made using the 0114 area code)
(must make a note to ask 192 where that is..Ed)

A cardboard life size cutout of P Ferone (what did they use that for???).

Joe Busillo's can of WD40

7 packs of Pampers newborn

1 battered copy of "Getting the Most from your Big Screen". Chapter 11 on Internal electrics has been smudged due to watered down lager (economy drive???)

Mrs Edna Cowan (aged 88)


(*) seeing as the Storm don't own the Arena, the rooms, the team cars, the team bus, the ice, the boards ... well anything really!