Thats who we've got!!!WAGE CAP CUTS DEEP AT STORM

New Storm General Head Coach Manager Daryl Lipsey has completed his line up for the forthcoming season. "Its a mix of old and new faces" he told Thunderflash " but I'm confident that we'll do well".

"Stevie Lyle will be in Nets, Kris Miller on the D, and Frenchie and Trev will be our forwards" Daryl told us."If things get tough through injury, I'm able to lace up my skates and move up front either to replace Pierre or to allow him to play on the blue line"

"I know fans will be suprised as to the size of the squad but what with the new lower wage cap and even tougher financial restrictions placed on us by the new owner, this is the best squad I'm able to put together"

Daryl hasn't ruled out strengthening later on, perhaps to ten players. Who needs a third line anyway?

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Photo courtesy of Stormin' 104 website - Storm players for the NHL 2001 game