The Dave Simms Steelers, the ISL and the BNL have finally entered into talks. Its a bit like the Northern Ireland peace talks .. but with less progress. We did have the tapes somewhere but sadly we can't work out how to get them into Real Audio or Windows Media Player formats. What the heck, here's the transcript.

DSS: We're running the ice hockey in Shefffff- field....
ISL: Oh no you're No-ot
DSS: Oh yes we are ..... we've got the I - Ice ....
ISL: Oh no you haven't
DSS: Oh yes we ha- have
ISL: but you're not in the BNL
DSS: Oh yes we are are ...
DSS: Oh no we're not ....
(quick get the cheque book out ...)
DSS:Oh yes we ARE!!!!!
BNL :Oh yes they are are .. here's the faxy axy
ISL: Oh no you're not!!!!
BNL (Scottish dept): Och No, Jimmy, ye ney in our League! I sez so, cos I wuz at neh meetin in a hotel!
BNL (Friends of Hull dept): Oh yes they are
ISL: We've got the ice time ...
DSS: oh no you haven't


At this point our tape recorder broke and, sadly, we are unable to bring you any more!