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November 2001



Storm boss slammed by Manchester youth workers

Manchester Storm boss Gary Cowan has come under fire from youth workers in the Manchester area over the creation of his new youth club at the MEN Arena.

"It's just not enough", a local youth worker told Thunderflash. "OK, it gets the kids off the streets, so youth crime in many areas drops when the club is open and people feel safer popping out to the local, but there just isn't enough entertainment for young kids. They want MTV, pool tables and a video room so they can watch Reservoir Dogs and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All they get is an ice-hockey match, and what active young kid is going to be interested in that?"

Cowan has also been criticised over his ticket policy. "There should be some sort of non-transferrable system. At the moment the kids are just given open tickets, which they try to sell outside the arena in order to buy glue, alcopops and ecstasy".

" Fortunately, there aren't many takers .... last week the kids tried to sell 9000 tickets but only got 4000 people to part with their cash!! "

Storm fans though will soon see the positive side to Gary Cowan's yoof policy. Youth Club members will soon by "guarding" cars in the multi storey and on the streets in return for a small fee.