The ISL's Chief Administration Officer, PC Plod (rtd), has warned the Superleague owners that they must behave this season ... or they'll end up in his jail house!

His warning comes as Sly and Gobbo (those naughty little goblins) admitted that they now own, or have shares in, four of the seven ISL teams.

PC Plod told the world's media (*) that everything must be above board this season or no one will believe that Manchester Storm could beat Nottingham Panthers 38 -1 in order to make the play offs on goal difference.

"I will uphold the law" he told Thunderflash in his policeman like voice "I have laid down a procedure that must be followed". He said Sly and Gobbo are looking forward to the season ahead and he expects no trouble from them.

Thunderflash rang the Goblins for a comment but we were informed they had just "borrowed" Noddy's sponsored car and were out for the day in the magic wood.

More from the Toyland world of the ISL throughout the season .... what for example are all those mushrooms doing in Big Ears' house?

(*)=Well just us and the MEN really cos no other paper / radio station gives a toss at this time of the year!


Page created August 26th 2002


Sly and Gobbo ... own four teams!


PC Plod (retired) - New ISL boss will be obeyed!