Steelers Announce New Signing

Just as the Sheffield Steelers seem set to temporarily lose a man from their roster, they have announced a new signing for the team!

He is Brian T Breck, a left-shooting centre from Chelmsford, Ontario who wears number 39. When questioned about the new signing, Steelers' Coach Mike Blaisdell said "We're delighted to get Brian at such short notice. He's often expressed an interest in playing for the Steelers, and with Rick Brebant's suspension there's a slot he can step straight into. He's here for a trial period and we'll see how he gets on for a short period - probably the next eight matches should tell us enough."

However, Brian is something of a man of mystery. In spite of the Steelers' claims that he is a popular and well-known figure in the world of hockey, Thunderflash have been unable to find out anything about his playing history. We are publishing the picture issued by the Steelers in the hope that our readers might be able to shed some light on Brian's past.

Steelers - they'll try anything once!