The SMG Management team in Manchester





Top level diplomacy sorted out the difference between the UK based Mr Cowan and the USA based SMG







After mounting national and international pressure, SMG have finally allowed The Storm access to the MEN Arena. It took a visit from Tony Blair to see President Bush to sort it all out.

For months now SMG have insisted that there is NO ICE at the MEN Arena and had refused access to the building to any Storm, ISL or U.N "Ice Inspectors".

With tension building, and the massed ranks of Storm supporters beginning to build an unstoppable force at the doors of the central Manchester bunker, SMG took the world to the brink. Finally, SMG admitted that, yes, there is a large area of ice at the centre of the Arena.

Saddam Knight, head of PR for SMG, revealed to Thunderflash that the company had NO plans for the deployment of the ice. "Despite having all this ice" he told us " we had no intention of letting anyone use it!" (*)


(*) = sadly nearer to the truth than you might imagine....

And yes, we know, this site gets more surreal by the day.

Created 7th September 2002