This feature was written three weeks before it was announced that Jon Hammond would not be doing match night announcements next season. We will miss John .. John has sent an open letter to the fans of Manchester Storm

Top gob on a stick replaced

Manchester Storm boss Gary Cowan is all set to sack the "voice of the puck", John Ammond. He's to be replaced by Gladys Pugh as soon as her summer season at a holiday camp in southern england is over.

John Ammond's roll of honour:

He has warned punters with blood streaming from the face to "keep your eye on the puck at all times".

He has picked on anyone and everyone who can't sing to warble the words of the hockey song.

He covered up almost (but not quite) his total lack of knowledge about hockey during season one ...

He never once laughed as he said (again) "Rob Trumbley, two minute penalty .....".

He has never once fallen all the way down the stairs as he talks on the microphone.

He's never once been caught on microphone as he swore under his breath.

He never once shouted into the microphone "FOR GODS SAKE TC DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He has (well a bit) toned down his suits.

He refuses to talk in his native "EEEH BY GUM" Yorkshire but puts on his posh voice most nights.

No matter what Dave Big wrote on his script, John always said it. We once dared Mr Big to write something rude .. but he wouldn't ... which is a shame.

See also our very old archive interview with John Ammond


This page created July 2002


Farewell & Thankyou from Jon Hammond

After seven very happy years with Manchester Storm, I have been informed that my contract will not be renewed this season.

The Storm has been a major part of my life since I walked into an unfinished ‘Nynex’ Arena to meet Dave Biggar and John Lawless and become the first Storm signing (even though I knew very little about the game!). Jim Sanderson gave me a crash course in Ice Hockey rules for one evening at Blackburn and then it was the real thing in the Storm Shelter.

We’ve come a long way together since.

Seven crazy seasons experiencing both the highs and the lows. From christening the new players with crazy names (honest it wasn’t me that thought of ‘Chris ‘Killer’ Millar!) to the now familiar Maaancheesster Stooooooorm introduction.

It’s been great fun, a great experience and I am very proud to have been be part of the Manchester Storm history.

I’ll always support the Storm but now from further back so if you see me at a game come and have a chat.

I wish Daryl and the team every success for the new season. I know he cares passionately about the game and fingers crossed this will be ‘his’ year. To the team members past and present who gave us so many hours of enjoyment and entertainment (both on and off the ice!) wherever you are in the world now – thanks for making it special.

To Graham Nurse, Keith Woodcock, Keith Purvis, Keith Trudgeon all the penalty box teams, and especially Jim Sanderson – it’s been brill boys – we’ve had a lot of fun.

And to all the storm fans who have done the wave, the hand can can, the grand national, sung the songs, danced the YMCA and let me generally loon around - my sincere thanks for your support and friendship.

And as the end song says ‘Everywhere you go – always take the weather with you’


Jon Hammond