Opening night 1995




Winning ways 1999




St Daryl of Lipsey



No hockey in here

1910 (ish):
First ice hockey team plays in Manchester - nothing to do with multinationals or the ISL

Team folds due to small number of teams to play, falling crowds, etc etc. Similar story in 50's/60s elsewhere in country ..

Manchester Storm formed to play in the all new Nynex Arena.
Team totally outclass everyone else in BD1

Manchester Storm enter the all new Superleague made up of teams from the previous season's Premier League.
Team almost outclassed by everyone else in ISL.
Coach sacked!

New Coach with a funny name takes control and starts to rebuild the club.
Many League games won but no silverware

Mr Kleinendorst takes the Storm to the top of the league and keeps them there!


Storm win B&H Cup under leadership of Coach KK ... but dont win the League

KK leaves to join the NHL's NJD and TC arrives. Tactics and motivation also depart.
Storm win nowt. Storm sold. TC departs

Saint Daryl appointed to save the soul of hockey in Manchester but his player disciples turn out to be unbelievers. Storm last in League and blown out of Challenge Cup. Just 1920 people turn up for last game of the season.

But due to divine intervention (what else explains it?) St Daryl of Lipsey led his team to the play off final where they held out until the last few minutes against the Sheffield Steelers. A penalty shoot out denied the Storm the trophy by just one goal.

GOOD NEWS: Storm not sold over summer, Coach not sacked over summer!

BAD NEWS: Owner gets sums wrong and soon runs out of cash. Storm locked out of Arena, players not paid.

Storm go bust.

One can only hope there is some hockey ...