Dave Biggar
The creative genius and driving force behind the launch of the franchise

Jo Houlcroft
Marketing executive

David Davies
Dave Biggar's boss ... who believed in the sport

John Lawless
Who introduced so many to ice hockey

Daryl Lipsey
Player, assistant coach, the coach

Hilton Ruggles
The all time #1 point scorer (341 !) for the Manchester Storm and one of the great unsung heroes of British hockey

Jeff Lindsay
Remembered by many

Jon Hammond
services to match nights

for organising the kit week in, week out

Kurt Kleinendorst
Created and coached the best team to wear the Storm's colours

Brad Rubachuk
Who captured the true spirit of the team

Frank Pietrangelo
Highest ranking NHL player to ice in a Storm shirt

Jim Hrivnak
A great goalie too

Stefan Ketola
We liked him

Dave Morrison
A fine Captain

Mike Morin
Loyal servant

Pierre Allard
Loyal servant

Graham Nurse
Who made match nights so enjoyable by working tirelessly behind the scenes

Andy Costigan
Another top notch behind the scenes supporter

"The Buddies"
who work hard all year long behind the scenes looking after the players and preparing for the new season at their own expense and who get,nor want, any recognition.

The Webmasters
Simon Sandiford Mitchell, Mike Landers and others
Services to web forums, free speech, match reports and more

The Drummers
in block 109

Chrissie McCall and Rob Price
For getting the fans to away games (and more)

Reverand Richard
For being there during the crisis

The fans
Who have supported the team through the good and bad times


We will willingly add any other individual to this list. Tell us who should be on and why with a simple email