How to get

To pay some cash

As has been made known, one of the reasons Storm have no money is because the deal with JJB sports was, err, less than well documented. Anyway, putting the facts to one side, we think that JJB sports have had a good load of publicity out of the Storm and deserve to put some of their dosh into our team.

To urge them to do "the right thing" we want 500 Storm fans to meet us at the JJB SPORTS SHOP in Central Manchester on Saturday.

Everyone will walk in wearing their STORM shirts and find a very expensive item.

Everyone will then walk STRAIGHT out of the door without paying.

When stopped by the instore security team merely say
"I have every intention of paying you once I have had good use of this product. I intend to pay up in a few months time so long as the product is a good one. I reserve the right not to pay up if the product terms out to be a pile of poo. As you know this is JJB Sport policy and no where in the shop does it say I have to pay immediately for the product I am holding "(*).

The MEN will take a photo of us all!

(*)Please note we think this is as legally watertight as the titanic.