Should stick to radio
After his performance at the Storm vs Giants game on September 19th, Galaxy102 DJ Nicksy should realise that he's better off hiding in his early morning radio studio. Here's our top five reasons why....

1) If he's on the radio and you stumble upon him by accident you can switch him off

2) In a radio studio, his ego has less room to expand than at the MEN Arena.

3) In a radio studio his computer screen tells him what to say and when to say it.

4) There are things you dont say on the radio at 08.00 and he doesn't
(there are things you dont say to a family audience at the MEN but he did ...)

5) He's clearly never heard "The Good Ol' Hockey Song" or played it on his show (*)


(*) = okay, it would need a bit of remixing .. but it could be done!!!!!!!!!