Bored with the usual party scene? Don't know how to make your social functions go with a bang? Well, Thunderflash Publications have the solution to all your entertainment problems. We proudly present


Packed with great ideas to make any party really jump, here are just a few of the great games to be found in this book -

Musical Chairs

The ISL sets out a number of clubs. Each player picks a club and stays with it all season. At the end of the season the music starts and players rush around between clubs, trying to find a new one before the next season starts. Occasionally the ISL will take one club away, but may also add new ones so this game is unlikely to have a real end. Players may also join in the fun from foreign clubs, keeping the game going.

Anyone who doesn't find a new club by the time the new season starts goes to the BNL.

Blind Man's Buff

A simple game, this one. Twelve people dress up in ice hockey uniform and skate round an arena. The thirteenth, the "Blind Man", dresses up in a black-and-white striped shirt and pretends he can't see any infringements of the rules for three twenty-minute sessions. If the Blind Man takes any notice of another player, this person must sit in a perspex box for two minutes.

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

"Mr Wolf", a valued player, starts the summer break with no contract for the next season. As the break progresses the other players, the coaches of all the ISL teams, stand in a line and shout "What's the time, Mr Wolf". Mr Wolf says things like "Time for a round of golf", "Time to have a family holiday" and "Time to work at a hockey school for the Summer." As the start of the next season creeps closer Mr Wolf continues to say such things until he finally says "Time to sign a contract." At this point the coaches all rush forward and try to make Mr Wolf sign their contract before the others do.

Pin the Blame on the Donkey

At the end of a really bad season everyone concerned with the team puts a blindfold on (to help them ignore the truth) and tries to find a "Donkey" to blame for the poor performance. This may be one or more players, the owners, the coach or the fans. It is not necessary for the "Donkey" to agree with this, and anyone picked as the "Donkey" may try to pin the blame on someone else entirely.

This game only ends when the team starts doing well or the "Donkey" is replaced completely.


All the managers of the ISL clubs try to look like they're doing nothing about building a new squad for as long as possible during the Summer break. The winner is the one who can get the ISL to allow them to start the season later by more weeks than all the other clubs.

(This game is known as "Blaisdells" in certain parts of Yorkshire)

Hunt the Thimble

In this game the "Thimble" is a 6'4" centre who can skate at 30 mph and is totally immovable when parked in front of the opposition's net. Hunt the Thimble is simply all the ISL coaches' attempts to find such a player.

Coaches who do not find the Thimble may be awarded a booby prize (Corey Spring).


The teams' owners and coaches all write down a Charade on a piece of paper and drop them into a referee's helmet. Each person then picks one out and tries to make his club's fans believe it for as long as possible. Acceptable charades may be statements such as "We aren't breaking the salary cap", "I fully expect the team's performance to improve" and "I have every confidence in the ISL". The winner is the person who can maintain this charade for the longest time before the fans realise what unmitigated rubbish he's talking.

This game is often followed by a round of "Pin the Blame on the Donkey".

British Bulldog

All clubs, the "Bulldogs", must try and catch a talented British player before he goes abroad.


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