The new man tells Thunderflash he'll take no nonsense from naughty goblins

The Ice Hockey Superleague have appointed PC Plod as its new Chief Administration Officer. PC Plod moves to the ISL from Toyland, replacing Ian Taylor who was full of Mickey Mouse ideas and had a posher title with a bigger salary.

In an exclusive interview with Thunderflash PC Plod says he has big plans for our sport ... and some top contacts for the seven club coaches. "I've laid down the law which must be followed at all times" he told us his his policeman like voice. "I will not take cheek from anyone, especially naughty Goblins who will find themselves in my jailhouse"

He went on to tell us that he knows a top quality player who is immune to the rough and tumble of the game and comes at a price well within the wage cap. "My little friend Noddy is made of wood (*) and will do anything for sixpence" he told us "further more he doesn't require a sponsored vehicle as he has his own little red and yellow car"

Thunderflash is looking forward to PC Plods first year and developing the storyline further!

(*) A bit like Paxton Schulte really ......