What ice hockey could learn from the

The Romans knew a thing or two about packing them into Arenas. Oh yes, the Colosseum in Rome was filled with up to 70000 people to witness battles between adversaries.

So what can we learn from 2000 years ago???

Well the "healthy" gladiators all came in through one exit ..... and the less than successful ones were carried out through another. So forget the "fixed" doors to the changing rooms ..... anyone losing a fight should be sent out via a special door of shame

When a Gladiator lost a fight the referee would look to the Emperor who would consult the crowd. They would decide if the warrior should be despatched or granted another chance. So, after a fight, Refs should consult the baying crowd before deciding on a 5'00", a 2'00" or, err, nothing at all. This would of course help the home team but, heh....

To spice up gladiatorial battles a few bears and tigers were leashed to key parts of the Arena. We should have a tiger in each corner .. and a bear behind each goal

Interestingly, all seats at "the games" were free which kinda helped ticket sales. But it goes to prove that at £12.00 they'd only have got 4500 in to see the gladiators and sold only a fraction of the wine and grapes they normally did.

Controversially, women and "plebs" had to sit on the back row of the top tier at the Colosseum. Its an idea .. we could restrict Steelers supporters to the back of the upper tier.

(see also "Rise and Fall of the Holy Stormin' Empire" in Archive)

Colosseum seating!