"I'd like to say I was fab"





"If you ever need a job give Ennio a call .. now lie down and stay down !"


Bracknell Bees Coach Ennio Morricone has stunned ISL hockey fans by signing former Storm party entertainer (and part time forward) Corey Spring. Bees fans are looking forward to seeing the NHL draft pick in his first game of the season ... as they all know its likely to be the best they get.

But how could this have happened?

Maybe no one in Bracknell remembers Corey .. which is quite likely as he had no impact against them ever.

Maybe Ennio was too busy recording a new movie soundtrack and not paying too much attention to the CVs passing under his nose

Maybe Corey has turned over a new leaf and is now a force to be reckoned with rather than the lazy ar$£ he was at the Shelter?

Maybe Corey is once more desperate to flee North America to get away from yet more broken hearts ....when he arrived in Manchester at least one fan had to be stopped getting on a plane in the USA to follow her "one true love" until it was explained to her that she was Corey's "one to love on tuesdays".

Maybe Corey is now so cheap in terms of wage demands he's worth the risk ...

Maybe Bracknell are hoping that they'll get loads of media interest after the first Bracknell vs Sheffield game.

Anyway we look forward to giving Corey a warm welcome when he arrives in Manchester ... assuming he can remember the way.

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