Belfast Top Table!
(And so do Sheffield)

Yes, fans. Before the season has even started Thunderflash can reveal the current standings in the ISL, and according to the Belfast Giants' website they're already on top-

When questioned about this by Thunderflash a representative of the Belfast Giants had the following explanation. "Well, alphabetically we're first on the list, so we ought to come at the top." When it was pointed out that the rest of the list is not in alphabetical order the spokesman said "No comment" and left the pub.

However, it's a different story in Manchester. According to the Storm's website the Sheffield Steelers are currently leading the ISL, with the Manchester Storm coming a close third -

There is some speculation that listing the teams in reverse alphabetical order allows the Storm to appear in third place, rather than the fifth place they would occupy if the teams were listed alphabetically. This also fuels speculation that Storm owner Gary Cowan may be looking for a new venue - possibly in Altrincham so that the "Altrincham Storm" could lead the table before the start of every season.

Sheffield Steelers' coach Mike Blaisdell is quoted as saying "If it's good enough for the Storm it's good enough for me. Starting the season in first place will give us a good foundation if we need to ask the ISL to allow us to start late again. The other clubs will have some catching up to do."

Page created August 5th 2002