It's All Change in the League
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Yes, fans, ISL hockey is so exciting at the moment that teams are changing their places in the league before the season has even started. The latest league table from the Manchester Storm website reveals the following standings -

Disappointingly the Storm have slipped a place from earlier in August, but for some teams the situation is much different. In a move which brings them into alignment with their own site's table, Belfast are now leading the league and the Sheffield Steelers are now firmly lodged at the bottom. The Storm's table now agrees with the Steeler's version, which also puts them last -

Other teams have also moved to a greater or lesser degree.

Thunderflash has contacted the various teams for comments on these early exciting changes. Daryl Lipsey, coach of the Manchester Storm, is quoted as saying "Dropping one place in the table is only a small setback for us, and with the team we've put together over the Summer I'm sure we can ride it out and improve." Mike Blaisdell of Sheffield had this to say - "We've been in worse positions, at least we're starting this season with a full bench, and the only way is up. It's not over until the fat lady sings and it's a game of three halves."

It's not all rosy for the Scottish Eagles either. Having been bottom in the last Manchester table under their name of Ayr Scottish Eagles, the team are now second from the bottom under their new name. When it was pointed out that if they had called themselves the Braehead Scottish Eagles they would currently be second in the table, a spokesman for the team said "Oh bugger, I wish we'd thought of that. Is it too late to change?" When it was pointed out that the Eagles still lead in Sheffield's table the comment "I've always liked the people of Yorkshire" was forthcoming.

All other teams, and Iceweb, are waiting until the season actually starts and there's something to report before publishing their league tables.


Created September 2002