The original design for the Steelers' away strip

Sheffield Steelers
Saints or Sinners?

Opinions are divided on the Sheffield Steelers.

- Some people think that the Sheffield Steelers are hard-working, hard-checking and skilled players who are picked on by their opponents, unfairly penalised by referees (*) and whose opponents milk every check and tackle to make it look worse than it really is (this opinion is held by most Steelers' staff and fans)

- Some people think that the Sheffield Steelers are the biggest bunch of head-cases since Genghis Khan got his Mongol horde together and said "OK, guys, who fancies a trip to China?" (this opinion is held by everyone else in British ice hockey).

To settle this match Thunderflash is launching THUGWATCH, a week-by-week look at the on-ice conduct of the Sheffield Steelers. This survey will not take into account opinions, excuses such as "honest ref, I only tapped him" or "I thought that crosscheck was only a two-minute penalty", and will start from the beginning of this season. It will therefore not take into account any bench clearances, multiple match bans for coach or players, or any other past examples of Sheffield's conduct.

The centre of THUGWATCH is the Thunderflash Thugometer ™, a simple device for measuring the conduct of the Steelers against their opponents. This will be on display throughout the season and will provide a definitive measure of the Steelers' on-ice behaviour.

(*) With the exception of Andy Carson, of course.

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